Do you want to become an Architect? Are you planning to study Architecture? Read this before you join Architecture College!

Do you want to become an Architect? Are you planning to study Architecture? Read this before you join Architecture College!

Architecture is defined as Art & Science of designing buildings, a study that trains you to solve space problems and design buildings and built spaces. There is obviously an Art element, as you need to be able to put your thoughts graphically on a piece of paper, but there are science and logic involved in almost all aspects of Architecture.

The architectural study is not meant for everyone and to become an Architect is not everyone’s cup of tea. Now, this statement does not have any connection with your abilities to draw or sketch or being good in maths, this is to do with your personality and socioeconomic conditions.

Study of Architecture involves broadening your perspective in life, getting more exposure to the way built environments interact with the people using them, this, of course, entails a lot of traveling and interacting with a variety of societies. Study of Architecture in itself is not cheap, you need to spend your money on travel, presentations, models, sheets, etc. etc. If you don’t follow the real methodology of learning Architecture, then getting a degree does not make sense and for that matter, any other degree will be quite sufficient for you.

Architects generally work on their own, the jobs for Architects are very few and low paid, at least during the initial period. Working on your own and setting up your practice requires much more than just time and hard work. It requires proper networking and presentation skills that you need to be born with. Yes, some skills can be taught and some other can be polished, but if you a shy and introvert person with limited language skills, then Architecture is not for you. It is true, with hard work and perseverance you can learn and master any skill, but shouldn’t you be doing that for learning Architecture??

Then comes the socio-economic factor, if you come from a family that requires you to get a job to support your family immediately after graduating, well Architecture will provide you with very limited options, unless of course you simply study Architecture as a means to get graduated and move onto other more lucrative fields, such as IT or Advertising or even Marketing. Then again, getting any other degree which is less demanding will be quite sufficient for your requirements.

The time taken for you to set up your practice and become financially independent will depend much on your networking skill, your perseverance to meet people and coax them to hire you. It may be anywhere from 5 years to 15 years before you can be comfortable in your life. After spending so much of time, it may so happen that you’ll realise that the projects that you have done in your life, were more to do with meeting your financial requirements and less with your personal choices and love for Architecture. You might find yourself disillusioned and now stuck with the way life has worked out for you.

It is true that no Architect ever dies of starvation, but after studying for 5 years and finding yourself as a Professional which very few other professions offer, you do not wish to live a mediocre life. Plus your ability to mould someone else’s life by offering your design services, whether it is for their residence or for their office, gives you an immense power over others, which unfortunately does not translate into monetary gains or intellectual satisfaction.

Mediocrity is not another name for Architecture, in fact quite the opposite. Architects are sophisticated professionals who design & create buildings that inspire the society, yet unfortunately, very few Architects are able to do that and rest end up their life in creating sub-par buildings and leading a forgettable life.

So if you have the boldness of speaking your mind, the skill to network and have sound financial support then Architecture will meet your requirements and help you to become one truly successful, and if you find yourself unsure of yourself, shy and lacking communication skills, economically weak, then you should consider other options of studying before you choose Architecture. You may be good in drawings, sketching or even mathematics, but these skills you can learn or polish while you study Architecture, but you cannot learn to cope with your emotional, physical and economic weaknesses.

Choose well for your life’s happiness depends on it.

Disclaimer: This blog is not meant to discriminate anyone based on their backgrounds, this is to help students choose the right path for themselves so that they can lead a happy and comfortable life.

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