Don’t Hire an Architect!

Don’t Hire an Architect! Yes, that’s right, you don’t need an Architect to tell you what is right for you, you are too smart for that.

Well, you are planning to build your dream house and was thinking about hiring an Architect, well don’t do that. You are intelligent and you’ve been living in a house from the time you were born and you know what is right and wrong and the best part, you know how your dream house should be like. On top of that you have so many people to help you with your house design, your Aunts, Uncles, Brothers and all these smart people have already built their house, so they can surely give you a lot of good advice.

What can an Architect give you that you don’t already know? You don’t want to waste your hard earned money on an Architect, who is just going to draw few lines on a piece of paper and give you a design that you have asked for, no way you want to hire an Architect. What about materials and costs, well your Uncle Joey had built his house last year and his house looks good, so he’ll be your advisor and he is so willing to help you with your dream house. No, you don’t need an Architect for something that is as simple as your house. Plus all these beautiful Architectural and Interior magazines gives tons of information and you can choose the right design or the right material and simply ask the contractor to build these beautiful designs just for you. You can be the Man or Woman of the house and proclaim that you’ve designed and built your own home.

An Architect will never understand your requirements completely and will definitely make your house much more expensive than you budgeted, yes Architects are expensive and also make expensive buildings.

Nah, you don’t need an Architect for designing a house. You know very well what a house needs, a few rectangular bedrooms, living room, kitchen and few bathrooms and that’s it. What value can an Architect add in a bedroom design, a bedroom is a simple rectangular room with a bed and closet, no, you definitely do not want to hire an Architect.

What about if something goes wrong? Well, there is insurance and on top of that, the amount of money you would save by not hiring an Architect will help you in rectifying these seemingly impossible errors that might happen, which of course¬†won’t since you are smart and you trust yourself.

So, don’t hire an Architect and go ahead and build your dream house, easily and effortlessly¬†and in the process become an experienced house designer and builder. The experience you gain is in itself enough reason to not hire an Architect.

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