Dump the City

Do we really need our cities? We seem to live within them, accept them the way they are and assume them to be the best thing possible on Earth? Well, if you had an option of dumping the city that you loved or hated for a better city, would you?

Our Cities are nothing but the biggest problem that we all are trying to solve? Or are we? Who is really solving the problems of the city? Who really does care about our cities? We have an elected council and mayor and the democracy as we know it is skewed and doesn’t work when the 51 people who voted decide the fate of the 41 against, and of the people who really voted. So, we are governed by a group of people who have no idea, what they are getting into and have no clue how to save us from our doom. And yes, I say it, our doom if we do not act now, we all are doomed.

All the cities across the globe are dying, yes, they are all dying and dying because of lack of money, or morality or congestion and some are dying because of lack of population. Do you really believe that our modern cities are epitome of our humanity? I don’t think, we are great citizens, with road rage and insecurity within a city, it certainly doesn’t paint a rosy picture. So, is there a way out?

As cities, we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of the honest tax payers in money and pour it down the drain. Yes, literally we do that, our so called elected city government is not trained to handle a city or to use the resource efficiently and even if they were, it is near to impossible to save our cities. Our cities are growing old, there is too much of maintenance involved and there are no new cities coming up that provide us with an option of shifting or an alternative choice. We do not have a choice, despite calling ourselves free.

With the present issues and the debt that each government currently has, it is impossible to salvage cities that are livable and equitable to human life. Our Cities have become the gas guzzlers of yesteryears, no more viable and too old to maintain or renovate.

So, what should we do as Citizens of a city? The best way at the moment is to “Dump the City”. Yes, you read it right, dump it as it is consuming more than it is worth it. The cities are dying and if we wish to live our future in a better city, we need to think radically. Stop investing in something that will turn out to be a bad investment. Would you blindly give your top dollar to be wasted or burnt with no useful outcome of it and instead, demanding more out of you?

Yes, its time we decided to dump our cities and looked at alternatives. Maybe a new city, designed and built ground up, which has new rules, new infrastructure, uses less energy and provides for a more equitable society. Will you be willing to support a new city, instead of trying to save a dying city? Will you continue to waste your hard earned dollars for a city that has never fulfilled any of the promises that it was supposed to keep? Or will you try something new, that promises hope. Yes, its a promise against another, but the past has proven that Cities are too huge a burden for us to maintain, and we need to move to newer and better efficient cities that offer better chances. The problem is, we do not have any, so, its time we built new cities that give us that hope, and build them fast.

Dump the Cities and move on… the battle is lost but the war may still be won. The Cities of the future will be sustainable and provide for a more equitable human living, we just need to build them ground up, with renewed thoughts and hope. Hope is our best friend and we are the dominant race on this planet, lets prove it by dumping our present cities and building newer ones, that guarantee our survival into the intergalactic age.


The Writer of this blog / article is a Professional Architect and has deep interest in city planning and humanity.

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