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Engineering Services

We provide complete and comprehensive Engineering Design Services for the proper construction of the building and its environment. Engineering Designs include Civil and Structural Designs & Drawings, Electrical & Wiring Drawings, Plumbing & Water Supply drawings, Tendering & Documentation, etc.

Engineering Designs & Drawings for Construction may include the following sets of drawings:

  1. RCC Structural Drawings for RCC Footings, Columns, Beams, Slabs, Tie Beams, Lintels, Sun Shades, etc.
  2. Specification for construction such as concrete and steel quality, brickwork specifications, plastering and waterproofing details.
  3. Joinery details for windows, doors and other openings.
  4. Staircase construction details
  5. Flooring specifications and quality parameters.
  6. Electrical Wiring Layouts, Switch Board Locations, Main Board Locations, Wiring Specifications, etc.
  7. Lighting and Power circuit layouts with proper locations as per Architectural Layouts.
  8. Electrical Material specifications and quality parameters
  9. Water Supply design and piping layouts
  10. Plumbing and Sewerage system design and layouts
  11. Sanitary and bathroom fittings details, locations, specifications, etc.
  12. Wall Finishes for different areas
  13. Ceiling Finishes for different areas, including False Ceiling design and layouts.
  14. HVAC design and layouts for Pharma Industries, Offices, Schools, Homes, etc.
  15. Effluent Treatment Layouts and locations
  16. Rain Water & Storm Water drainage system and layouts
  17. Roads, Pavements, Parking Areas, basements, etc.