Common Questions that clients generally ask us, if you do not find your answer here, simply contact us directly and we’ll be happy to reply.

What are your charges?

Our Professional Fees is based on COA directives and as per code of Professional Practise. 

Our Fees range from 5% to 10% of the Project Value for which we are providing our services. Although for the purpose of easy understanding, we do convert this percentage into a Lump Sum fee.

What size of Projects do you undertake?

We are open to Projects of any size and we’ll be happy to help you with your requirement, irrespective of the Project size.

Although for the purpose of convenience, we do Projects that are above 5000 Sq. Feet in a built-up area or more than at least Rs. 1.0 Cr in value. 

We are comfortable with providing our services for Projects that are in the range of Rs. 10.0 Cr to Rs. 50.0 Cr.

Do you have any minimum Fees?

Yes, unfortunately, we do have to have a minimum fee. At the moment our minimum fee is Rs. 5.0 Lakhs for us to undertake a Project.

Although we do provide our services pro-bono in many cases if the requirements are challenging or your need is greater than ours. 

What type of Projects do you undertake?

We provide designs for Projects that are generally medium-sized buildings or built environments, these can be a School or an Industry. We do specialize in Pharmaceutical Industry and are able to provide Architectural and Engineering Services related to Pharmaceutical or Nutraceutical Industries. 

We have designed Automobile Workshops and Showrooms and provided PMC services for various kinds and types of Projects.