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We provide clients with Project Management Services for construction and interiors projects. Our PMC services include complete management of the Project from the conceptual stage to the commissioning. We involve deeply with the client and coordinate with all the concerned agencies such as Architects, Structural Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical and Process Engineers, HVAC Consultants, Interior Designers, Suppliers, Vendors, etc.


Project Management Services offered by us include the following:

  1. Coordination between all the agencies for proper scheduling and quality of construction.
  2. Tendering on behalf of client
  3. Documentation
  4. Material Sourcing & Ordering and quality checks
  5. Vendor vetting
  6. Site Supervision
  7. Bills verification
  8. Drawings check and interacting with the design team
  9. Representing the client in all the meetings
  10. Periodic reporting to the client
  11. Time, Cost and Quality Management

Most of the Projects where we have provided Project Management Consultancy have been between the value of Rs. 5.0 Crores to Rs. 50.0 Crores. The cost of hiring a PMC is justified only if the project is of a higher value or of a very challenging requirement.