Purpose of Life? Finally Answered

What is our purpose in Life? Why did we take birth and to what motive do we live on this planet earth? Why do we take birth only to eventually die? Is there a higher purpose, a spiritual goal that we all need to achieve in our mundane lives??

The question of the purpose of life was asked by Buddha and that resulted in this question being asked over and over again and without finding any satisfying answer. Some say that there may not be an answer, hence the question itself does not make any sense. But to common folks like you and me, the question haunts us and we wish to understand the real purpose in life.

We first need to understand our minds before understanding this question. Our mind is both our friend and our foe, it propels us to great deeds and greater satisfaction and it also pulls us down to the depths of depression, but the biggest trick of our mind is to remain self-sustaining, continuing & perpetual. Our mind does not want to die and hence will keep repeating all our thoughts back to us, like some old gramophone record stuck. Unfortunately, this question which seems to have no answer is one of the thoughts that our mind wishes to repeat forever in our lives, as it knows that once we find the answer, the question can no longer be repeated and obviously our mind does not want it to happen. So, it is very difficult to find an answer that satisfies you.

But there is an answer and it is very simple. If you look at any baby, the first thing that a baby does when she is born is to cry and start breathing. The baby needs to breathe to live and she knows it. Next thing she wants is her mother’s milk, nutrition and food that will help her to live. A baby starts her struggle for survival from the time she is born, trying to breathe and get food. That is the purpose of our life, a struggle to live. Each living being on this planet does the same, struggles to survive, wishes to live and fights against predators or diseases to remain alive.

There is no higher spiritual goal or anything beyond our physical bodies, there is nothing more in this world that we cannot see or feel and there is no greater or grander goal in life, but to survive and be alive.

We all struggle for our shelter, clothing, food, mates and yet we do not see this as our daily purpose in our lives as these daily chores have become so mundane and so automated that they do not offer our mind any challenges, thereby sparking the debate on the purpose of life, just so that our mind is busy trying to find an answer to the question that has no answer.

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