The future cities on Mars

It is a science fiction at the moment, but the cities on the 4th rock from our sun are going to be as real as it can get. Technology is advancing at a much higher speed than we can we even fathom and science fiction of yesteryears are becoming science facts of today’s world.

One of the pioneers of technology Mr. Elon Musk, CEO of space x, is planning to take humans to the mars within the next decade. With this achievement, a race will start to dominate the red planet and hence it becomes important for us to study and come up with the ways and whys of settling on Mars.

Humans have always been explorers, we’ve travelled to unknown lands and found new continents and new routes to make this world so much smaller, so much global and so much known. We now wish to expand our journey beyond earth and find Earth-like habitable planets and make them our new home.

It may be debatable as to how Mars can be colonised without the required life-giving atmosphere, even if we agree to this aspect, Mars may still become our jumping point into the distant space, a temporary fueling station and a communication hub, which will require humans to live on Mars.

So, what could be the best way to start a civilization on Mars? We need to fully understand human history and how we have used our natural resources to build our very first society. It will be easier to find naturally occurring habitats on Mars and converting them and making them more useful for human living. Say for example we find a cave system that is near a source of water or energy that we can tap into, this perhaps will be and should be the first location for human settlement. Building anything above the surface is prone to natural confrontation and not to speak of the weight of the materials that may be required to send from Earth.

Exploring subsurface caves or caves in mountains or craters will offer natural protection from the harsh climate of Mars. With the modern technology, it will be easier to convert these caves or subsurface cavities into a habitable environment. Sealing the openings will be much easier and then generating oxygen and the required atmosphere for living within these tunnels can be accomplished by a much easier methodology. Finding these caves near to a source of water, either frigid or flowing or even in gaseous states will be very useful in generating oxygen and making these environments self-sustainable.

As the technology will advance and more and more future humans will walk on Mars, creating much more Earth-like cities may become a reality, but the start of a Martian Civilization will need to be from the caves.


The writer of this blog is an Architect and a big fan of Elon Musk and wishes to work with him on his Mars dreams.

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