The MARS City

What will our future cities on Mars be like? When do we really get there and is it really possible to have a city on Mars?

I can be sure of one thing, we will have a city on Mars before I die and if I’m lucky, Mr. Elon Musk will give me a ride to the city on Mars. It is my dream and vision to see a city that is not on Earth, ensuring that the human race is capable of surviving through the worst.

We need to dump our cities to start looking at options. It is impossible to win a loosing battle, the best strategy is to start a new battle that has the potential to win the war.

We cannot go into building our new cities without understanding human nature in its deepest sense. So, what should be the new team that builds the new cities look like. Well, certainly not Architects or Artists, they are too impractical, even if they are really good. don’t mind their Art on the museum on Mars. What we need are Techies, the Geeks, the Psychologists, the economist, and maybe few Urban Planners, apart from a whole lot of intelligent people who can really think out of the box. The new Cities, whether on Mars or Earth has to solve few underlying problems, that have plagued our present cities.

Few of the toughest problems that our cities face today is of transportation, equality, sustainability, governance and economy. We need a robust and sustainable economy for any city to become self reliant and achieve equality and sustainability.

Note: Why can’t cities mine the meteors for their precious metal, that is, use the money they have to generate more money for their city, instead of wasting on programs that do not yield the desired results?

It is time that cities decided to declare Independence, they are far more populous than a region or a province or a state and generate far more income in so many cases greater than that of the province. I think, its the right time for Cities to declare Independence and become more competitive, with a goal to creating a new city and dumping the old.

To many, dumping the city will be like trying to create a new built environment at a new land. Well, that is one way of looking at it, the other way could be to dump the present systems and the present democracy in favour of a much efficient and useful policies.

Note: This work is not completed and is under progress. Thank you for your patience.

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