The Speed of Life? 

The Speed of Life?
What could be the speed of life? Is it measurable? It should be since we spend our life on this planet in time, so should the unit of speed of life be “ time “?

When we are young, we do not understand why we need to follow the time? And who the hell sets these times to do all these things, anyway? We have no idea about the concept of time & space & even a single second appears to be as long as an hour. We are born impatient & this makes us experience time as a never-ending, stretched piece of distance that we need to cross, which somehow appears to take forever.

But as we grow older, the time seems to go faster up until we start saying that we are running late & make some stupid excuses for being late. Eventually, we realise that each week appears to vanish at a speed of a single day & as we progress towards the end of our life, each month & sometimes years pass us by in a fraction of seconds.

So, one thing is clear, we start slow & then we pick up speed, which becomes blazingly fast & unstoppable only to stop when we meet our maker, or does it?

Is there someway we can measure the speed of life? We all spend an average of 70 years on this earth, but the speed at which we’ve lived these years, are very different for the ages that we live through it.

Younger years are slower & longer, the middle ones are fast but good enough, the retirement years are so fast that we seldom have time to acknowledge our life itself.

The saying “ Life is short” really does means something after all.

This acceleration in the speed of life that we experience, is there any way to control it?

Now, coming back to the topic of this useless blah blah, what is the speed of life? For the purpose of discussion, we shall define the speed of life as moments spent per time or Mo/t. When we are younger each moment is much longer for the time it takes for it to occur and slowly but surely this length in each moment seems to reduce. For the sake of discussion, assuming that we start our life with 100 Mo/t and end it with maybe 1 Mo / t or even 0 Mo /t, we accelerate in reducing the length of each moment for the time it takes for it to occur.

There are ofcourse some rare occassions that appear to lengthen these moments, particularly in the events of distress or depression or even during some life threatening incidents. In such rare cases the speed of life brakes to an almost 100 Mo/t, prolonging our sufferings, but in due course of time, it does fall back into its routine speed.

If you have crossed the age of 35, you are probably accelrating much faster towards your end and the speed of life is whizzing past you. Don’t worry, your life will be over much faster, before you even realise it.

So, is it worth spending our time in conflicts and pain? Does it justify that our egos should be bigger than the love of our loved ones? Or does it justify hurting someone else? It is my opinion that unless & until you have somehow mastered the art of controlling this speed of life, overindulging or wasting even the smallest precious moment in time will lead to a much bitter and lonelier experience towards our end, not to speak of the further acceleration in the speed of life.

I’m doing 40 Mo/t and accelrating faster, at what sacceleratingu going?

Live Happily and reduce the speed of life to enjoy each moment with joy.

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