What to expect from your Architect?

Great, you have just hired an Architect or are planning to do so in near future. So, what should you expect from your Architect and will he or she be able to meet your expectations?

How do you decide on which Architect to hire? Mostly it is because you know him or her either directly or indirectly and are already aware of his or her previous works. Now, this may seem like the simplest of all ways but does not define whether the Architect you choose, will be able to provide you with the required services and in the manner of your expectations.

All Professional Architects are qualified enough to provide you with services which are almost equal to each other and it cannot be said that an Architect is better than others. Yes, the experience of an Architect will be an important criterion and also his or her attitude.

What you need is to discuss your requirements with an Architect in a more informal atmosphere and let him or her also know about the way you wish the project to be done. It is important that you share your personal interests and financial, educational and economic background with the Architect. It also helps to share your world views or your likes and dislikes. You also should get to know the Architect better and try and judge whether you can work along with him or her as a part of your team. A successful project is based on the working of a successful team and in this case this team has 2 crucial members, you and your Architect. If you too can get along well, your project will be a breeze.

An Architect will give you conceptual layouts, drawings, details and cost estimations among many other things. He or she will try to address your queries, your fears and clear any doubts that you may have. He or she will visit the site and monitor the quality of the construction and guide you to make informed decisions in relation to choosing the material and to make payments to the contractor. You will need to trust your Architect implicitly and if you find that easy, you will have a great project where everyone will be happy in the end, else the project will be mired in distrust and losses.

You also will need to understand that as an Architect is important to you, you are equally important to an Architect, both from the perspective of an employer and also as a team member working together on the Project. The Architect will need to trust you and will depend on you on many aspects throughout the projects, which may include financial dealings and taking quick decisions.

Mistakes are common in any Project, the most important aspect will be to understand them, correct them and move ahead as quickly as possible. Like an everyother person, the Architect is also human and a mistake can be made from his or her side as easily. It’s important to bring these errors to his or her notice as soon as possible and then work together for finding the right solution. Similarly, a mistake from your end should be understood by the Architect and corrected without much ado.

Since an Architect will be your best pal during the phase of the design and construction of your Project, it becomes very important as to how you will choose an Architect for your project.

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